Tonia aka Oracle Revere

Tonia aka Oracle Revere

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Certified Professional Salesperson
Certified Professional Sales Person

About Me

I'm Director for Trusum Visions companies: NASP, Envision U and President and Co-founder of Growth-U.
I love what I do!
Personally, I'm a creative energy force for good, dedicated to serving others, offering life-changing programs and impacting the greater mindset and health consciousness of our world. I unite energy forces to emerge and serve. I am an inspirationalist and actionist for awareness, empowerment and creation: expressions of love, joy, courage, vulnerability and growth. Join me in being and becoming your greatness by growing one day at a time and encouraging others to do the same! You are designed for so much more; it's time to build the identity and habits to support it!
You're in good company!

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  • President & Co-founder | Growth U
    Education, Training, and Library
    Jan 2013 to present
  • Director | NASP
    Consulting Services
    Feb 2008 to present
  • COO | Trusum Visions
    Jan 2005 to present
  • Director | Envision-U
  • LHN
    1993 to 1996
  • Oakland University
    Bachelor - English/Communications
    1999 to 2003